Autmn´s curiosities

21 de Noviembre de 2011

5º La Lastrilla


  • Autumn’s months are: September, October and November.

  • The leaves on the trees begin to change colour and then fall down.

  • The leave colours red, yellow and brown are in the leaves all year long and only become exposed when the green chlorophyll disappears in the fall.

  • Maples, Oaks, Elms and Birch are just a few of the trees that give spectacular colours during the Autumn season.

  • It starts to get a little bit cold outside.

  • In Autumn we like walking outside kicking through piles of leaves and collecting interesting things from nature.

  • Autumn’s celebrations are:

    • HALLOWEEN; 31 st October

    • BONFIRE NIGHT; 5 th November

    • THANKSGIVING; celebrated on the fourth Thursday in  November.

    • ST.ANDREW’S DAY; 30 th November

  • Vocabulary: pumpking, rake, umbrella, acorn, mushroom, sweater, apple, leaves.